Vita Life+


Each capsule 800mg

Natural life VITA LIFE PLUS CAPSULE  is natural blend of all essential nutrients such as Carbohydrates, Protein, Fibers, Vitamins, Minerals & Fatty Acids.Natural life VITA LIFE has been formulated by technical team experienced at preserving and delivering high levels of phytonutrients in their products.

This is natural products & is suitable for every age group contains no added artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. This is produced under International GMP regulations. Natural life VITA LIFE PLUS is a convenient way to get some of the most researched phytonutrients in amount equivalent to multiple servings of fruits & vegetable which is impossible to take in one single days through meals. Natural life VITA LIFE PLUS is a rich source of a broad range of phytonutrients such as Flavonoids, Carotenoids, Polyphenols, etc all of which have important health promoting benefits. Natural life VITA LIFE PLUS  is unique combination of multiple vitamins, minerals, fibers, protein, fatty acids & amino acids. This product also got the benefits of the exclusive plant, mushrooms, herbs, berries concentrates.


Why We Need Natural life VITA LIFE PLUS

Natural life VITA LIFE PLUS is a product for all those: who wish to bridge the “Essential nutrients gap” in their diet & who are health conscious and who want to provide the best for their families. Fast paced living, changing lifestyles &/or eating habits can have some unexpected results on our health. This product includes daily essential Vegetables blend, fruits, Super Anti Oxidants Berries & international herbs which make this product very effective & nutritionally dense. Natural life VITA LIFE PLUS contains Standardized phytonutrients to ensure consistency of the ingredients you pay for. Phytonutrients and their marked health benefits are harboring intense scrutiny in both health discussions and studies directed at improving the general health of human beings. Phytonutrients are chemicals that are derived from plants and are very similar in composition to antioxidants. Numerous studies have revealed that these specialized plant chemicals actually protect tissues and cells from free radicals and their harmful effects.

These free radicals have a negative impact on our body, causing cells to become weak and less active. Antioxidants help cell regeneration by eliminating the free radicals, thus keeping our bodies highly immune to outside diseases. This makes them rank high among the best rejuvenating elements. All the essential nutrients in Natural life VITA LIFE PLUS have many important benefits: they deliver the pure necessities of the human body.


Benefits of VITA LIFE PLUS

This most exciting and promising Natural Health Enhancer offers:

  • High phytonutrient levels.
  • Broad nutritional insurance coverage and a balance of nutrients.
  • Body Vitality & Overall Energy
  • Optimum Energy Level throughout a day
  • Body Immune system a quick start to protect from changes in climatic conditions & in eating habits
  • Prevention from various dreadful diseases & ailments.
  • Enhance digestive, circulatory system
  • Promotes Life Longevity
  • Help in fighting free radicals caused by smoke, pollution, and exercise
  • Provides cardio-protective benefits to our cells by preventing blood clots, improving overall blood circulation, and relaxing the blood vessels.
  • Promotes skin health & give your skin a healthier glow
  • Boosts overall health and longevity.
  • Slows or reverses typical processes of ageing related to inflammation and cellular oxidative damage.
  • Keeps cells strong against the invasion of free radicals
  • Provides nutritional benefits for all ages.
  • Increases overall level of energy and stamina and combats fatigue and exhaustion
  • Stabilizes your immune system
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Regulates the appetite normally.
  • Detoxifies the large intestine the digestive tract area
  • Normalizes hypertension and the blood cholesterol.
  • Helps to keep mind active
  • Regulates cholesterol