She Life


(Uterine Support)

(Each capsule 800mg)

She Life Capsule each capsule contains;- Asparagus Racemosus, Berberis Aristata,Symplocos Racemosa,Withania Somnifera,Areca Nut, Saraca Indica , Loh Bhasma etc.

She Life is launched in India delivers superior nutritional support for leucorrhoea. This is natural herbal product & has been tested & verified by researcher’s team. This is produced under GMP guidelines marking its excellent quality & procedure used in manufacturing this product. 

Leucorrhea is catarrhal discharge from the mucus membrane of the female genital tract. It is commonly known as white or yellow discharge .It may be due to any precise pathology or due to poor health & unhygienic condition of the genital organ. This white or yellow discharge may be varying from white to radish or thick and viscid with or with no foul smells due type of infections continues. In normal cases it may be come into view just before or after menstrual bleeding. It is an abnormal disease condition of the reproductive organs of women. The condition may continue for weeks or months at a time. If not treated properly in the initial stages, it may become chronic.

She Life is natural product for these stubborn gynecological problems.


Why She Life capsule

She Life is a powerful product which can tone up female generative organs health. Our product is processed with purest quality ingredients procured from reliable suppliers of the market & then manufactured. These products are manufactured and packed under extreme hygienic conditions and under the strict vigilance of quality department. Natural Life has come up with 100% natural Product for Women. It also restores pH of the vaginal secretions, decreasing the chances of further infections

She Life can be useful as a excellent uterine tonic, keep women fit & healthy. Major herbs found in this product are known to Control infections and maintain PH of Vagina.



How to Take She Life capsule?

Take 1 capsule  twice a day Morning & Evening before Meal. For Better Results Use for 6-12 months